What are the benefits of growing a tree?

What are the benefits of growing a tree?

The Pacific Northwest and states like Oregon have the perfect climate for growing trees.  The tree pros in the Northwest,contact them here, are doing an amazing job at spreading the green around.  Expanding forests need to be thinned to ensure a healthy final crop of timber. They also need to be managed to gain the most benefit for wildlife to survive and people to enjoy. Treenergy will use timber to produce steam to generate electricity. All of this timber will come from well managed forests or recycling and will be replaced by nature.

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Timber is a natural product which is entirely renewable as long as trees continue to grow. Unlike oil, gas and coal, timber does not add to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When fossil fuels were formed they absorbed carbon dioxide from a very different climate. The earth was hotter and the air had higher concentrations of greenhouse gases than today. By burning fossil fuels we are returning the environment to that state of many millions of years ago. This is being felt in the effects of global warming. See the page on Climate Change in this website.

Carbon dioxide produced from the Treenergy plant has only recently been taken from the atmosphere. In fact only in the time it has taken the trees to grow. Using wood for fuel is therefore carbon neutral. If we continue to pour carbon dioxide from fossil fuels into the atmosphere we will make life on earth as we know it much more difficult.

For this reason government, scientists and businesses are beginning to address public concerns over climate change. Our business Treenergy will produce electricity as the main part of the business. We will also produce heat as a bi-product of energy production. Treenergy also provides opportunities for environmental education particularly about renewable energy. Tours of the facility may be undertaken as organised groups (booking required) or by individuals dropping in.

Our main site to begin our development will be in Monmouth. We plan to hold regular public meetings with the local community to keep everyone informed about what we are doing and why. We are especially keen to demonstrate the benefits of using proven technology to combat climate change at a local level.

The site at Northern United Colliery in the Forest of Dean will allow us to celebrate the heritage of coal mining on the site as well as learn the lessons we now know about the effects of fossil fuels on the environment. This will be seen in our novel use of the old Pit Head Baths which we plan to transform into a hot water Spa.

Our main site in Monmouth will allow for much the same benefits but the Spa will need consideration.

Our sites will also provide refreshments for visitors and Spa users through our on-site cafe. The Cafe at all sites will serve Fair Trade and ethically sourced produce. Locally produced food will be available continuing the theme of responsible environmental management of natural resources.

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